Tokenization is a revolutionary technology that allows any property owner to reach more investors worldwide.
Real estate and property tokenization
We create your own cryptocurrency and give you the freedom to raise or invest capital in the real estate field the way you choose.
Web3 and blockchain solutions for developers
We implement unique solutions that allow you to transfer all interactions relating to real estate to a virtual world. Everything from the desire to buy an apartment to its actual ownership and renovation comes true in the metaverse.
Smart contracts for your business
We develop protocols to automate the execution of an agreement between all parties of a transaction to smart contracts. For example, we implement smart contracts for treasury, for passports of property and its owner's, for Escrow accounts, etc.
Profiterole is the IT agency that develops, consults, and assists. We provide a wide range of solutions to grow and scale your blockchain business and connect real-world asset projects with smart contracts on the blockchain.
The Profiterole team is made up of developers of different specializations, QA engineers, crypto economy experts, project managers, and designers. We are all about bespoke blockchain, NFT and crypto-based solutions and we’re here to support you at every stage of your product development.
Case 1
Property for sale
You need to sell an object worth $250,000. We make an application on the platform
The property is being inspected and estimated. This is done by an independent contractor who is chosen by the agreement of both parties.
The platform tokenizes real estate by dividing it, for example, into 1000 virtual parts. As a result, we get 1000 tokens, each costing $25. The tokens are put up for sale, trading takes place on a special trading platform.
The starting price is $25/token.
Further, the price will be formed on the basis of supply and demand. Investors buy tokens, becoming co-owners of the property being sold.
Case 2
Investment in real estate
For instance, you own an old building with office space that does not bring you much profit. You want to increase rates but first, you need to carry out a major overhaul that you do not have spare money for.
We carry out tokenization in utility tokens. It does not confer your ownership of an asset. However, it gives you the right to get a portion of the rental income or fixed dividend payments. The right to dispose of the building remains with the owner.
Case 3
Early Construction Financing
The most difficult stage in construction is getting the first 20% of funding. Because of this obstacle, many developers are forced to conduct long negotiations, pay large commissions, and mortgage personal property.
As a solution, we suggest ICO technology. An ICO or an Initial Coin Offering is an event where a company sells a new cryptocurrency to raise money. Investors receive cryptocurrency in exchange for their financial contributions. In many ways, an ICO is the cryptocurrency version of an initial public offering (IPO) in the stock market.
If you use tokenization and the initial coin offering, it will become much easier to raise funding. Developers will simply launch a separate ICO for each new construction with their own tokens and sell them on the financial markets. This will lower the entry threshold, which will increase the number of investors.
We carry out tokenization at the Building Information Modeling (BIM) stage.
Private round
the rest
We can bring these ideas to life together with you.
The whole world is gradually making it to Web 3, and the development business is no exception. Real estate companies are increasingly choosing tokenization as a fresh solution as it offers new prosperities.
Development of a marketplace
We provide you with your own customized marketplace
Smart contracts implementation
We add smart contracts to regulate legal matters. All transactions and actions with property take place in the legal field.
Crypto payments access implementation
We add payment systems that imply cryptocurrency.
Objects tokenization
The actual real estate objects and properties are being digitalized and tokenized
Business tokenization
Congratulations, now your business is fully tokenized and you can operate in the Web3!
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